Collection Agencies and The Value Of Third Party Intervention


Without the aid of collection agencies, many businesses fail to recover past-due accounts. Businesses may feel awkward about approaching customers or not want to harm their relationships with certain customers. No business should have to feel this way, especially when all businesses deserve their rightful compensation for hard work.

Collecting on NSF and Returned Checks


Whether it’s due to a brief oversight by the consumer, or a deliberate attempt to defraud a company, virtually every business has dealt with checks that have been returned due to non-sufficient funds. These returned checks are bad enough on their own, but they come with a pretty high amount of fees associated with the check’s rejection in the first place.

What is Judgment Recovery?


Each year about 70 % of the court judgments remain unclaimed in the United States. This is really a quite bewildering fact as people are not claiming what is legally theirs. However, there could be many reasons for this; debtor may have moved places to some state where this judgment is not enforceable, has changed his own name or has hidden his assets.

How An International Debt Collection Agency Can Work To Help You


Many people, organizations, groups and companies are owed huge amounts of money by other individuals and organizations for services offered or goods delivered. Sometimes it is interest owed on a debt or credit facility. whatever the case may be, the debt owed is required to be paid as is a genuine income to the other party.

When do small claims courts have jurisdiction?


The jurisdiction of a small claims court means that this particular type of court has the power to hear and render a judgment or dismissal regarding a case. Small claims court has jurisdiction over civil cases that are either personal or business in nature. Small claims may range from $1000 to $5000 to $25,000 for example with each state having its own amount that the the plaintiff can use for judgment settlement.

Small claims court has jurisdiction over civil cases that may include a failure to repay a loan for property, failure to return a security deposit, or failure to complete the terms of a service contract. In a few states small claims courts may also have jurisdiction over a limited range…

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